Lakeshia Carpenter

Lakeshia Carpenter is a masterstylist with 21 years of entrepreneurship and work experience. She’s a salon owner, educator, interior design consultant, S.W.A.K( sealed with a kiss)Events LLC founder and public figure.  She is a mother and devoted wife yet still serve diligently and faithfully and has strong tithes to the community. Part of my destiny has allowed me to serve the people with honorable service as an award- winning stylists. As a stylists, I have provided high quality, loyal and dedicated services that have come to be known and respected for many generations. Personal life experiences have kept me in touch with the reality of today’s society, yet kept me humble.I’ve prided myself on providing the vision in a professional modest way by sowing seeds and being a blessing to others. I have acquired gifts, talents, and skills that will be an asset to the greater good.