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Alicia Spivey Johnson is a certified life coach, wife, mother, and “serial entre- preneur.” She was self-aware of her out- going and tenacious personality and decided to use those qualities to pursue a career in sales. She ventured into direct sales with a national cosmetic company. Ambitious and eager to accomplish more, she went on to obtain her real estate license. Today, Alicia’s goal-oriented, no- nonsense mentality is taking her even further. She is using her personal experi- ences as a multi-faceted entrepreneur to help small business owners secure their company’s financial stability by teaching them about business credit and assisting them in getting funds. Alicia knows what it means to make goals, commit and achieve. She has success-fully balanced being a wife, mother and entrepreneur and she now hopes to inspire others to balance their personal pursuits with their family and professional lives. Alicia believes that everyone can shine and achieve their greatest potential, and she wants to help.

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